Bristol SouthBank
Salsa Latin & W

Music & Dance Weekender

Teachers Include..........

Felipe de Algeciras (Spain) - Flamenco - the 'feet' in Zorro with Antonio Banderas

Mauricio Reyes.- Latin Motion

Cressida Childs - Club Cubana

Eduardo de Bozzo (Argentina) - Tango

Angus Peters - Abanicosalsa

Denise Rowe - Contemporary African

Ian Craddock - Salsa Sabrosa

Martina - Britannia Dance (Slovakia) 

Evie Gkatzioufa (Samba Reggae)

Fiora Touliatou (Belly Dance)

Elina Kikili (Gypsy Dance)

Kylie Knott (Belly zumba)

Araceli Valdivia (Eastern fusion dance)

Jess Newton - Consultant for dance sequences in the aardman/spielberg animation 'Chicken Run'

 .....and a whole load more.....

Eduardo Bozzo. Argentine Tango Teacher, Dancer and Choreographer - Buenos Aires, Argentina) Eduardo has been teaching and performing TangoArgentino around Europe and Latin America including in International Festivals in Argentina, Costa Rica, Greece and the UK.

He is currently based in Bristol, Bournemouth and Southampton.

His interests cover Tango’s traditional forms, as well developing the link between Tango Argentino and other expressive arts.

Fiora Touliatou is originally from Athens, Greece and she is now based in Cardiff, UK.
She specialises in Egyptian bellydance, but also has a great passion for Arabic/North African folkloric,
 Khaleeji, Iraqi Kawleeya, flamenco, Romani gypsy dances and bellydance fusion.
Fiora will be teaching an Egyptian bellydance workshop; level is open for all.

Evie Gkatzioufa-(Afro-Brazilian Dance). Trained in Salvador, Bahia with ILE AIYE and Carlos Ujhama, Evie has been performing in Bristol and South West since 2001.

She's the Dance Director of Bristol Samba and runs weekly classes and workshops all across Bristol.

Samba-Reggae Workshop.Evie will be is teaching an exciting and friendly dance workshop. You will learn an elegant and energetic dance routine, offering you an insight into the world of Brazilian Carnival!

MORE TEACHERS...Lee Swift (Abanico Salsa), Alain Hernandez, Andy Witt..


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